Things are a-changin’. Very soon I will no longer be an indie bookseller or managing an art gallery. Hopefully I’ll be a full time writer and artist myself, and who knows where that will lead. Being a chronically busy person, I know I’ll be piling as many new hobbies and side business ventures on my plate as I can when, in two and a half short weeks, I’ll be moving with my hubby to a remote state park where he finally got his dream job as a Ranger. I’m going to have to learn to fish…

Oh, and between now and then we’re going to Egypt for ten days.

I’m sure to have plenty to write about and plenty of time to write it once we get settled in sagebrush land. I’ve been told to pack plenty of bug repellent, that our adventure sounds like the beginning of a horror movie (thanks Ric), and that we’re going to go crazy out in the boonies. But I’m excited! Change is always fun and I’ll finally have no excuses for not pursuing my dreams.