For nearly the entirety of my employment at the gallery, I regularly asked my boss to change my job title. “Book Manager” just didn’t encompass my varied responsibilities and it completely ignored my work with the art. Yes I ordered the books, yes I merchandised the books, yes I organized book related events, but what about all the other stuff? When I gave notice that I would be moving away, my boss finally changed my title to Art and Literature Manager. But my relief from my original title was short-lived. I am happy to announce that I am once again a Book Manager, this time at a major entertainment retailer in Moses Lake. Squeeee!

The relief I feel is indescribable, not only to have a job again but to be able to continue working with books! I didn’t want this blog to turn into a less funny version of The Office, and with how many administrative and office assistant jobs I applied for it was looking like a serious risk. I applied for Book Manager online not imagining that They were actually hiring and was pleasantly surprised to get a call for an interview. There I was informed that They were only hiring for part-time “associates” but maybe I’d be able to grow into the book department. It wasn’t until after I came in to sign papers that They informed me that my passion for books had made such on impression at the interview that They opened the Book Manager position for me! That means books, full-time employment, and, as a little bonus, I don’t have to wear the company polo shirt because I’ll be management (I’m so glad that my necessary three interview blouses won’t go to waste).

Ahhhh… Life is good again.