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I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post. What’s happened since then has been a blur of working, traveling, packing, driving, house guests, not enough sleep, high emotions, missing my friends and my family and my house, and being excited about my new surroundings but too tired and distracted to really take them in. Since my last post there were the ten days in Egypt with the day of travel on each side (pictures coming!), then three days of hard work at the gallery to hang the next show and get ready to leave (though I’m not all the way gone) while my hubby packed up the house, one day to move, one day to unpack, and then ten days of house guests: my five-year-old stepson and his grandparents. Today is that tenth day and I’m reeling, though everything that has passed has been a blessing. When I stop spinning I will write more. There is certainly a lot out here to inspire one to write.

By the way, long live the Tin Pencil!


Mallory Battista’s Blog

Notes from an aspiring author, artist, and occasional gluten-free cook.

Storytelling isn’t just a thing to do, it is a way of seeing the world.

I am a storyteller. I live as though I am a hero on a quest and I strive to treat every person that crosses my path as the main character of an equally complex and exciting story. I find joy when their paths overlap with mine, and though some encounters are fleeting and others last a lifetime, I see the importance of each one to the continuation of Life's plot. I am grateful for the adversity that is set before me, as it makes me a more well-rounded character and adds challenge and excitement to my journey. And I always, ALWAYS have faith in happy endings.

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