Action, Chance, and Circumstance — 98,500 words, YA fantasy

Ten years have passed since the war that made the magician Adrian Flewr a hero, and his two sons are struggling to define themselves in these untroubled times. The younger son, Alox, is a gregarious thrill-seeker who dreams of chasing adventure and leaving their tiny village behind. Nathan, the elder, is a reclusive self-taught magician who spends his days shut up in the attic hunched over his tiny desk. They have nothing much in common except for a surname that demands a level of accomplishment it seems doubtful they’ll ever achieve.

When a hooded magician with a crow appears and swiftly murders their father, Alox and Nathan’s idle lives are destroyed and the brothers are thrust into a deadly mystery for which they are unprepared. Without hope of defeating a man capable of besting their father but nevertheless set on revenge, they steel themselves to leave their home in Idellia and journey into Domyne, the country of their enemies, to find the Oracle: a Seer who had known Adrian and can hopefully point them in the direction of his killer.

Along the way, they befriend a giant whose name is in direct proportion to his height and a cursed elf with plans for a revenge of her own. They soon discover that there is a plot to overthrow the king of Idellia, and Adrian’s murder was the first step to put that plan into motion.  Alox and Nathan must overcome their differences and combine their strengths to ensure that their country’s crown doesn’t end up in the hands of the killer. But when the dark forces that are at work finally collide, they find themselves facing an enemy that they never expected.

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